20 Very Exciting Things to do in Tangier for a day or at Night -Bucket List 2019

Visiting Tangier in 2019? Want to know what to do in this wonderful city? In this article, you will find plenty of tourist attractions and amazing things to do in Tangier. From its historic heart, The Medina, to its beautiful soul, The Kasbah, Tangier has a special character that sets it apart from other Moroccan cities. It has drawn artists and writers, from Henri Matisse to Paul Bowles and writers from the Beat Generation.

I am excited to share with you my bucket list of 2019, let’s discover the 20 best things that has Tangier to offer:

Things to do in Tangier for a Day

1. Go Swimming and Sunbathing at Playa Blanca

Within a few minutes around Cap Malabata you can be sunning yourself on the Bay of Tangier.

Playa Blanca is a wonderful cove, strip of fine and soft sand that is well sheltered over the eastern city’s seafront, there is a clean water and the possibility to ride camels.

playa blanca in tangier

The beach provides many amenities, from parking, showers, restaurants, and drinks (especially mint tea) and you can find a rental house for a good price.

playa blanca of tangier

At night, you can enjoy a music concert in this area.

2. Visit Anglican Church of St Andrew

Considered one of Tangier’s architectural marvels, this unique church was completed in 1894 during a period when Tangier was Morocco’s international city, known by a large British community within the reign of the king Moulay Hassan.

chrch of st andrew in tangier

There will be no better sign of this great era than the combination of styles and fascinated interior that welcome you upon entrance, because of their lobed arch to the choir and the decorated roof above the altar.

anglican church of st andrew

There is a belltower in the form of a minaret, looks over the cemetery. Here, buried; Walter Harris, and Sir Harry Mclean, the first one, was a journalist and correspondent for the Times, the other, was a military adviser to the kings.

anglican church of st andrew in tangier-1

The church has a plaque on the western side, indicate the commemoration of Emily Kean; she arrived at Tangier during the 1800s, married the Cherif of Ouezzane and dedicated her life to the interest of Morocco northern people.

3. Go Visit the Museum of Archaeology

This attraction was actually a former king’s palace, built in the 1600s by Ahmed Ben Ali. The majority of the Museum is within the seven halls and central courtyard which is in the middle of a gallery maintained by white marble columns with Corinthians capitals.

kasbah museum in tangier

Collections resume prehistoric times to the 1800s, but the greatest pieces are from the Phoenician and Roman periods.

kasbah museum in tangier

You shouldn’t miss The Roman mosaic, Voyage of Venus: it is from the 3rd century BC and was found in Volubilis.

voyage of venus in tangier

4. Discover the Former Palace of Mendoub

Reach Mohammed Tazi Avenue to discover this appealing palace and its beautiful collections. The property built in 1929 and used mostly for receptions.

former palace of mendoub

A Moroccan king’s representative (Mendoub) that had owned the palace for many years, used it for the international administration of Tangier. It was procured in 1970 by Malcom Forbes (1919-90), the American multimillionaire who created Fortune magazine.

You will find there series of Forbes 120,000 collection of toy soldiers.

toy spldiers collection forbes

5. Relax in Place de France and Place de Faro

Another Tangier’s “musts”, Place de France is an attractive spot, is really a main square meeting location for the people of Tangier. There is the Café de Paris, which started in 1920, and was the first establishment to open away from the medina.

place de france in tnagier

Just near Place de France, is Place de Faro filled with cannons, this is a new attraction that fascinate visitors and it offers a view of the medina, in the strait and the harbor.

place de faro in tangier

6. Explore the Kasbah

The Kasbah of Tangier known with its peaceful streets around the hills, overlooking the strait, the bay and the city. Its stricture dates from the Portuguese period and that of Moulay Ismail, protected by walls and gates. It considered as the soul of Tangier, and many palaces and museums are located around here.

kasbah in tangier

I am certainly not a fan for getting guides, however I’ll highly suggest right here, not necessarily to get lost, but to explain you this amazing heritage, he will likely find out which attractions are actually value a go to and which you could get the finest view over Tangier. The Kasbah has a Museum of Contemporary Art, which is dates from 1890.

kasbah of tangier

There, you can enjoy with the friendly inhabitants of the Kasbah and explore wonderful things in a full day.

7. Visit the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque dates from the rule of Moulay Ismail, and it was enlarged in 1815 by Moulay Slimane. Before, it was constructed on the site of a Portuguese cathedral.

grand mosque of tangier

The mosque was once the place where the King Mohammed V led Friday prayers on 11 April 1947, when he visited Tangier, as he also made a significant speech on the Mendoubia Gardens.

grand mosque of tnagier

The grand Mosque has a good location which is near of many historical sites, like the former Merinid Medersa, and the Borj el Hadjoui that commands a nice view of the port and a pair of Armstrong cannons.

cannon in bordj el hedjoui of tangier

8. Go Shopping in Petit Socco

Like the majority of Medinas in Moroccan cities, especially in Fez, Petit Socco is the pulsing heart of Tangier which designed for roaming.

Each of the must-see attractions in this area of the city are simply little bit far from the each other.

petit socco in tangier

In between each spot is a labyrinth of narrow streets with hostels, cafes and local services or shops selling artisanal goods.

To live the ambiance there, have a relaxing moment at The Fuentes, a café-restaurant and hotel for a glass of mint tea or a special glass of coffee with milk.

hotel restaurant fuentes tangier

9. Start a Tour in Rue Es-Siaghine

Running between the Petit Socco and the Grand Socco, Rue Es-Siaghine is a lively street lined with cafes and bazaars, and it took design in Roman times. It led from the port to the Fahs Gate.

tangier antiquity

What is wonderful about this street is just how the museums and palaces close to these awesome, beautiful alleys are actually transformed into jeweler shops, gourmet restaurants and stylish cafes.

tangier medina

Fondation Lorin, is an arts centre which is located further up the street on the left, is where displayed photographs, newspapers and posters relating to the history of Tangier.

fondation lorin in tangier

Also you can discover the Church of the Immaculate Conception (La Purisima), it used by the foreign diplomats and the Christian community in Tangier.

10. Drink Mint Tea at Cafe Hafa

Started in 1921, is regarded as the oldest café in Tangier, since that time, the café has maintained its basic furniture and décor.

This attraction has preserved its charm and popularity that inspired many writers and singers from Paul Bowles to William Brurroughs, and from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones.

cafe hafa in tangier

The lovely Café Hafa is situated beyond the Kasbah and it offers a breathtaking view of the strait. There, you can drink a mint tea and enjoy music in the evenings.


11. Visit the Contemporary Art Museum

An interesting reality concerning this attraction dedicated to modern art is the fact it’s located inside a beautiful building with an English style, a residence of the former consul general of United Kingdom, which is built in 1898.

mohamed drissi gallery

It was founded in 1990, and it offers a beautiful exhibition space of 5 rooms and one hall, for a total area of ​​276 m².

This art gallery, given its name in homage to the Moroccan artist Mohamed Drissi (1946-2003) and it provides regular displays by Moroccan and international artists.

contemporary art museum of tangier

12. Admire the Rooms in American Legation

This attraction was the residence presented to the Unites States government by the king Moulay Slimane in 1821, and long served as the US headquarters for the next 140 years. Currently, stylish rooms house, displays relevant to the American and European existence in Tangier during the generations.

american legation in tangier

The rooms’ gallery exhibit an overview of the writer’s life of Paul Bowles, engravings of Tangier and Gibraltar, old maps, as well as paintings by Brayer, James Mcbey, Claudio Bravo and others.

american legation in tangier

13. Discover the Caves of Hercules

Amaze yourself by legends and myths that describe this complex of caves. This complex has two openings, the first one facing the sea looks like the form of Africa and it was designed by Phoenicians. The other one facing land, it was created by the Berbers community.

This marvelous sight can be found at Cap Spartel, just below 14 Kilometers (9 miles) western side of Tangier, it is accessible to the public and can be reached easily.

14. Don’t miss the Sunset at Mnar Park

An awesome spot where you can visit and have a lot of fun with your family. This attraction offers a playground, pool, rooms to rent, restaurants, cafes and much more..

mnar park in tangier

You can reach this wonderful place very easily, to run away from stress and to get relaxing moments.

I will recommend it, so go there, admire the spectacular views to the sea and catch a special sunset. This is awesome!

sunset in tangier
Sunset from Mnar Park

Things to Do in Tangier at Night

15. Go to the Grand Socco

This lavish square near the Anglican Church of St Andrew is full of life in the evenings, and memorable of the speech that the king Mohammed V made in support of independence.

Now, its name is Place 9 Avril 1947 and it’s the link between the medina and new city.

grand socco of tangier
Grand Socco

There are vendors spread out their merchandise; a large variety of second-hand products, and also women take place above the square, wearing striped foutas, trying to sell fruits and birds.

gran socco tangier
Source: flickr
Grand Socco

16. Walk Around the Waterfront

The waterfront in Tangier is really an enjoyable walk on the vast sidewalks, filled with several kinds of architecture design, Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan building styles are here. It is a wonderful area for an early evening hour walk to view the sunset and have a clean breeze from the bay of Tangier.

tangier sea front
Source: flickr
Tangier Waterfront

At night, there are a lot of bars, night clubs in which you can enjoy with the locals.

17. Eat a Delicious Paella

If you would like finest Paella in Tangier, leave the trendy records and check out places to eat visited by Tangerines. There are many around the waterfront, of course, if possible it should always pay off for making a reservation.

tangier paella

Paella is more than likely northern Morocco’s most popular meal, and it was initially made in Tangier. The majority of the restaurants accept credit card and have menu with different languages. You could choose from the seafood option, with squid and prawns.

18. Enjoy the Panorama from the Charf Hill

In the southeast of the city, a hillside soaring with a height of around 100 m (328 ft), the Charf Hill give the best spectacular and the best full view of Tangier.

panoramic view of tangier

You will be amazed when you see the Plaza Toro, the Syrian Mosque, the beach and the old town.

The panorama during the night is very beautiful, when the orange light describe the beauty of Tangier monuments.

19. Walk Around Avenue Pasteur

This avenue is considered as the main artery and the economic center of Tangier. Vibrant with cafes, clothing shops, banking institutions, as well as a panoramic esplanade giving sea views.

avenue pasteur tangier

Through the Boulevard and on rue Khalid Ibn Oualid, you can find souvenir shops and antiquity pieces. The most known building there is the Librairie des Colonnes, the bookshop that contains the most available books on Tangier.

20. Experience Marina Bay

The project of Tanja Marina Bay is the Morocco’s 1 st urban marina which has a total volume of over 1400 berths located on two basins.

You can enjoy an excellent location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, and this attraction has a great integration on the city near the medina, facing the bay.

marina bay in tnagier
Marina Bay

There are an area of entertainment on the beach side, many shops, cafes, solutions to the boaters, including parking as well as the famous Royal Yacht Club founded in 1925.

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