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15 Best Things to do in Fez – Morocco (2019 Edition) what to do in 1, 2 or 3 Days

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Visiting Fez? We’ll leave you absolutely no chance to be bored! On this article, you’ll discover the best things to do in Fez. We’ll share with you a lot of surprises that overflow this amazing city !

From its Medersas to the many museums and the incredible panoramic view from the summit of the hill of the Merinid tombs. The oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities, is a brand new city of history, spirituality and modernity. Fez, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Let this article be your city guide, let’s explore the 15 best things to do in Fez

jnan sbil garden in Fez
Jnan Sbil Garden

1. Enjoy a Panoramic View from the Merinid Hill

Standing up among olive shrubs, light blue and cacti agaves, the 16th-century ruins that overlook Fès el-Bali are the ones of the Merinid palace and necropolis. Ancient chroniclers, reported that these particular tombs, elicited wonderment as a result of fantastic marble, as well as the splendor of the coloured epitaphs.It provides an amazing view of the city. The view from the terrace in the hotel Les Merinides, is equally good.

merinid tombs in fez
Merinid Tombs

The extend of wall immediately beneath the hill is the oldest area of the medina’s defenses. Elements of the curtain wall date from the Almohad period (12th century), notably Borj Kaouakeb, close to that the lepers’ quarter was one located. The tombs overlook a tiered cemetery, which expands, when it comes to Bab Guissa, a great Almohad gate, dating from the 13th century .

view from the merinid tombs
View from Merinid Tombs

2. Relax and Enjoy your Local Food at Bab Boujloud

Enclosed within high walls, the large place Pacha el-Baghdadi links the Medina and Fès el-Jedid. On one side of the square stands Bab Boujloud. Built in 1913, this fine monumental gate is the principale entance into Fès el Bali.

With the creation of heavy artillery, the fortified gateways of Fès suddenly lost their performance as defences and came to beconsidered as decorative architectural structures, leading to the city’s prestige and helping to justify the levy of city income taxes.

bab boujloud, the blue gate in fez
Bab Boujloud, the Blue Gate

Bab Boujloud, constructed in the Moorish model, consists three perfectly symmetrical horseshoe arches. A rich ornamental design which includes geometric forms, calligraphy, interlaced floral motifs and glazed tilework for many colours, with blue predominating, graces the façade.

From this entranceway, we can see on the left the silhouette of the minaret of the Bou Inania Medersa.

local food in fez
Take your table at the street food of Bab Boujloud

3. Explore the Medina with a Tour Guide

Seen from the top of the hill of the Mérinides tombs, Fès appears as a compact and tightly woven urban fabric. Enclosed in its ramparts, the medina is an ocean of ​​roofs through which appear minarets and domes.

bou inania medersa in fez
Bou Inania Medersa

The river of Fez divides the 2 main historical entities: the Andalusian Quarter to the east plus the Karaouiyine Quarter for the western side. Fes el Jedid, is constructed on the height south of the medina. Significant features here, include the Royal Palace and the old Jewish Quarter.The modern city, which dates from the protectorate, is located further south.

el attarine medersa in fes
El Attarine Medersa

4. Bliss out with a Fassi Hammam

You may have read about that and you may be are asking your self what a Hammam exactly is? The Fassi Hammam, is one of the most enjoyed activities for those who have never been to or Fez nor experienced the chance to use a hammam. Many lists of “things to do in Fez” include things like “go on a Hammam”.

hamman in fez
One of the Hammams in Fez

Fassi hammams are actually part of the daily living of many Fassis. A public hammam is a water vapor room where men and women will fresh themselves. This is a regular ritual, which is regarded a social action in neighborhoods as well as cities, together, with the participation of men, women and children. The baths are divided by sex, and many people spend a long time chatting with friends.

modern hammam in fez
Inside a Modern Hammam in Fez

5. Shop Artisanal Creations in Medina Souks

The souks in the medina extend past the mosque Echcherabliyine. The place for each souk, reflects a hierarchy determined by the value attached to the different products offered in each one. Manufacturers and vendors are grouped together, with each other, in accordance with the goods that they have.

pottery in fez
Traditional Fez pottery

Each type of craft has its own block, or part of the street, around the Karaouiyine Mosque. That has made it possible to create a reasonable but, relatively complicated structure. As the souk El Attarine offers spices, there is also a souk slippers, as well as a Henna souk, that is arranged inside a pretty shady square, planted with shrubs. A plaque, indicates that Sidi Frijthe Maristan, which was the most important psychiatric asylum, during the Merinid Empire, was once in this place.

a shop sell spices in fez
Spices on Souk El Attarine

It constructed by Abu Yacoub Youssef (1286-1307), further more, it served for a clinic for storks, and it still existed in 1944. In the sixteenth century, Leo Africanus, well-known today for his trips, have been working there for a clerk for two years.

maristane sidi frej in fez
The Place where you can find the Sidi Frej Maristane

The Kissaria, close to the Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss, represents the actual heart of the souks. This really is a grid of covered streets, where merchants offering deluxe products are particularly remarkable. A number of the goods and brocades, kaftans and high quality jewelry offered here supply the worldwide market.

moulay driss mausoleum in fez
The entrance of Moulay Idriss Mausoleum

6. Stay in an Authentic Riad

The term riad, is used for all classic residences that contain at least one patio area. These old-design Moroccan homes, are located in the medinas, and many of them have been made available to visitors, particularly in Fez, Marrakech and also Essaouira. These typical houses each have their own specific architectural style and have been perfectly restored.

riad in fez
Decor inside a Riad in Fez

They are transformed into guest rooms, and are really very ralaxing places in which to stay, especially as they are tranquil and their location is often execeptional. By comparison to a large international hotel room, residing in a riad, is typically an experience, that can take you to another time. You can book single rooms or the entire riad. Many of them, also offer breakfast and dinner.

riad in fez
Riad Patio in Fez

7. Smell the Roses in Jnan Sbil Garden

Green lung of Fez, Jnan Sbil is a garden known for the variety of its botanical species and its hydraulic infrastructure. Its vegetation is luxuriant, the alleys are shaded, there is an atmosphere of sweetness and peace. Furnished In the 18th century by the Sultan Moulay Abdallah, Jnan Sbil is the oldest public garden in the city.

jnan sbil garden
Jnan Sbil Garden

Long abandoned, this 7-hectare green space has regained its splendour benefitting of important financial rehabilitation works by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection. In June 2010, it was inaugurated by its president, Princess Lalla Hasnaa, and opened its doors in 2011.

jnan sbil garden
The Historical Garden of Jnan Sbil

8. Watch the Tanning Process

Generally, situated near watercourses, and often at a distance from residential neighborhoods because the disagreeable smeels they produce, tanneries contribute substantially to the city’s economy. Tanning is a profession which practices date back many thousands of years. This process transforms animal skins into soft, rot-proof leather. Once tanned, the skins will be handed down to the tanners.

tanneries of fez
Tanneries of Fez

The Chouara, or quarter of tanners, is based near Wadi Fez, since the Middle Ages. Its vats of dye, in the middle of the houses of Blida Quarter, are better viewed from the neighboring terraces. Although its odor is unpleasantly strong, it is actually the most vibrant, and the most attractive of all the souks of Fez.

chouara tannerie of fez
View from theTerrace of Chouara Tannerie

9. Browse Treasures at El-Nejjarine Museum

Not far away from the souk of Henna, this extraodinary Museum el-Nejjarine, with its stylish fountain, is regarded as the most distinguished arcitectural monument in Fez. Designed by the Provost Adeyel during the 18th century, this unique caravanserai offered meals, rest and protection for luxurious merchandise suppliers coming from the inside.

ennejjarine museum
El Nejjarine Museum and its Fontain

Considered a historical monument in 1916, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its renovation was part of the preservation program, conducted through the entire medina. The museum’s on three levels house the Art gallery of Wood. The exhibits include things like carved doors of the wonderful Medersa Bou Inania

ennejjarine foundouk
Inside El Nejjarine museum

10. Eat and Enjoy Folk Music in a Gourmet Restaurant

Having its origins in the 13th-century Arab-Andalusian dishes, the Fassi gastronomy mixes sweet and salty, dealing with fresh fruits like vegetables and creating cunning application of a complete choice of spices and condiments, including in this appetizing local delicacy, pastilla with pigeons and almonds.

fez dishes
Fez Dishes

The talent needed to create the very light puff pastry that covers the stuffing is really a magic formula that Fassi women pass on from mother to daughter. So, get your table in some of those dining places, found in the medina, and savor much more highly refined meals, and more traditional ambiance. Give yourself the pleasantly warm climate of Fez, and be surprised by the discovery of shows organized by folk music groups.

restaurant with spectacle in fez
Musical Group Show on a Restaurant in Fez

11. Go to the Royal Palace and the Mellah

The best imposing among all the monuments of Fes Jdid, is certainly the royal palace, that building started from the 13th century. From the Place des Alaouites, an enormous esplanade created surrounding in 1968, you can admire a spectacular sights of the delicately worked well doors of the palace.The Jewish Quarter (Mellah), was initially built by the Sultan at the end of the 16th century, in order to protect the Jewish local community from the city.

royal palace in fez
The Great Doors of the Royal Palace

The Grand Rue des Mérinides crosses it, a bustling artery full of shops of all kinds, offering , amongst other things, pieces of jewelery, home textiles and also a large variety of some other materials. The Mellah houses are actually designed differently from Muslim homes, with windows facing the street, and balconies made of wood or wrought iron. The 17th-century Ibn Danan Synagogue is really a work of Art of Judeo-Moroccan architectural mastery and is well worth a visit.

mellah in fez
The Jewish Arcitecture in the Mellah

12. Discover the Megana Bou Inania Clock

Opposite the Medersa Bou Inania, are the venerable remains of a water clock (clepsydra), dating from the sixteenth century, its system is unfortunately no longer undamaged. Recently, Several researchs have already been conducted, having the viewpoint to fix it, the latest one suggesting that the clock could have sounded hours of unequal duration, depending on the time period elapsed between sunrise and sunset.

megana of bou inania
Remains of the Megana Bou Inania clock

For the moment, however, the Megana is still expecting a contemporary person, to show the same ingenuity as his ancestors obviously possessed 5 centuries ago, and the revival finally.

the bou inania horloge
View from Different Angle

13. Get a Henna Tattoo

Moroccan henna is a well-liked practice in Morocco, used by ladies of every age group. On special events just like Moroccan marriage ceremonies, holiday seasons or circumcisions, femals have henna on their hands and feet. This is a temporary pattern put on to the skin in a brownish mixture created from natural powder.

henna in fez
Woman have Henna on her hands

Most women, also use henna, all over their body, and/or their hair inside the Hammam once weekly. It come with a distinguished odor and must be left on the skin for many hours to achieve more dark and more lasting results. The black henna, is sometimes used, but it can be risky, so keep to ordinary henna, for safe practices.

henna on the hands and feets
Henna on Hands and Feets
  • Things to do in Fez with Children :

14. Have Fun and Discover the City on a Little Train

You can take pleasure and explore the city with the sightseeing and tour train of Fez. You’ll discover all that makes this city a unique and special place. The departure point is located in the heart of the new city center, next to the Hotel Sofia, on the Hassan II main street. Through the tour, you can see Many monuments, such as the Royal Palace, Boujloud Square, and also, a lot of several tourist attractions. So, go ahead, and start your city tour.

touristic train in fez
The Touristic Train of Fez

15. Discover New Brands at Borj Fez

specialized in shopping and leisure, Borj Fez is the urban center of the city of Fez. With a built area of ​​75,000 m2, distribute over 3 levels, the shopping mall hosts 80 stores, 15 restaurants, a Carrefour supermarket, and also a playground for kids. The project was developrd with a modern perspective, integrating perfectly with the city, both equally functionally and architecturally. Borj FEZ enjoys, as a result, an excellent location, based between the old and the new city and in close proximity to tourist sites.

borj fez
Borj Fez

The mall stretches over three principal ranges, plus a level reserved for car parking. The ground floor is dedicated to the person equipment : fashion, accessories, shoes, lingerie, culture, sports, toys, cosmetics..The ground floor, houses a Carrefour supermarket of 6.000 m2 and other various shops as well as a local services. Upstairs, there is the food area, with food court and terraces and the Fun Park, a play area of ​​1,250 m2 for children.

fun park borj fez
The Fun Park in Borj Fez

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